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How to turn your iPad into a Smartboard

Many schools are skipping the Smartboard and using the iPad instead. Here’s what you do: Get a projector and hook it up to a computer. Download the Doceri App onto your computer and onto your iPad as well. Turn the … Continue reading

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Two Reading Apps for Big Kids

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It’s been awhile since I’ve written. I guess I’ll blame it on the holidays. It seems that what should just be a few days of celebration is an entire month and a half of planning, preparing, packing, gifting, receiving, returning … Continue reading

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Short Stories, Big Impact

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Looking for the best way to get started with the iPad in your classroom? Start with a short story. Not a flashy app, not a long book club or read aloud, but a bite size story to get a flavor … Continue reading

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Andrew Gardner Presents: Mac in the Classroom: Creating Multimedia Projects

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Tonight I went to the Apple Store after a long day at work. I almost didn’t go, but I am so glad I did. Apple Distinguished Educator Andrew Gardner was inspirational and practical. He reminded us that most of the … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. Jobs: What our Young Students would say about Steve Jobs

Everyone is weighing in on the death of Steve Jobs.  We all listen closely to what Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Jim Cramer all have to say about the loss of Steve Jobs.  But there is a voice missing from … Continue reading

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Writing the Right Way on the iPad

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For an elementary school teacher, I never had great handwriting.  On the Smartboard, my childlike scrawl looked even worse; therefore, when I started to investigate the writing capabilities of the iPad I had very low expectations. My original purpose in … Continue reading

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AppleInsider | University study finds students with Apples iPad perform better than peers

Read this interesting article about one new study that shows students with iPads have better knowledge transfer than those that don’t use iPads: AppleInsider | University study finds students with Apples iPad perform better than peers.

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