Be Smarter than the Smartboard

Retire the chart stand and chart paper and learn how to use the features of your Smartboard to make your teaching more efficient, visual and tech savy. Take your teaching techniques, such as modeling and sharing student work, to the next level.

iPad 101

Did you just receive a stack of iPads and have no idea what to do with it? Learn how to use the iPad, download the best apps for teachers and students and see how reading with the iPad can help readers reach new heights with the click of a button.

Poetry, Music and a Garageband

Learn how to encourage student writing by kicking things off with poetry. There are no rules! Once those pencils are moving, fingers begin typing and poems are published. Turn poetry into lyrics and collaborate with your music department and/or Garageband Software to turn poems into songs. Students can create their own music album to bring home and broaden their fan base!

Show and Tell

“Show don’t tell,” we say this all the time as writing teachers. Canvas the streets and take digital pictures that could spark a story. Back in the classroom learn how to put those pictures to good use and bring the best writer out of every student.

Math Curse!

Look for math concepts in your neighborhood! Oh no math is everywhere! Studying multiplication? Snap a picture of the array of windows at your school, rolls of toilet paper in the grocery store or the squares in the sidewalk grate- the possibilities are endless! Back at school, solve your arrays and create your very own math picture book!


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