How to turn your iPad into a Smartboard

Many schools are skipping the Smartboard and using the iPad instead.

Here’s what you do:

Get a projector and hook it up to a computer. Download the Doceri App onto your computer and onto your iPad as well. Turn the projector and the computer on and load Doceri. Then, turn on your iPad and wirelessly connect your iPad to your computer through the app.

Here’s what will happen:

The iPad app allows you to manipulate your computer from your iPad. You can search the internet and open applications, and Doceri will allow you to write over them. You can also use the paper feature that allows you to write like a whiteboard and choose any background. You can import pictures, worksheets, concept maps or anything into a page to write over. This acts much like the Smartboard Notebook feature and pages can be compiled into a folder according to subject area for easy organization. Lastly, Doceri can record every step of your written lesson as you are teaching it and replay it later or record a lesson beforehand to play for your class.

The downside to Doceri is that you can’t really use the SmartNotebook software and the animations, pictures, lessons and bells and whistles that come with it. Nor can you use the Notebook feature that lines up the pages along the side mimicking the feel of a chart stand with paper because whatever you write on the Notebook you will loose once you click away.

The bottomline is that despite that last con, this set up is a lot less expensive then a Smartboard and you can walk around the room and project and manipulate your computer. Additionally, it is easier to hand the iPad off to your students to share their thinking to the rest of the class rather than having them walk to the front of the room.

Doceri continues to make improvements to their app and are even hoping to be able to wirelessly project other student iPads from a hosting iPad on to a screen sometime in the future. Although it is a one time fee of $30, it is definitely worth it to maximize your use of the iPad in the classroom.


About Kate Chechak

Kate Chechak is the author of She is an education consultant who previously worked at The School at Columbia University for 8 years. Currently, she focuses on teaching teachers how to integrate technology into their curriculum. In addition, she coaches math and is a curriculum developer.
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  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to review Doceri, Kate!

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