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Hello! My name is Kate. I am a consultant that focuses on integrating technology in a meaningful, authentic and rigorous way. The best part is, I believe technology should enhance each schools’ pre-existing curriculum.

I can work one-on-one with teachers, with grade level teams or I can conduct school-wide professional development. Click on my workshops tab to see a few of the workshops I offer; however, all are customizable and can be created to fit the needs of your school.

Please contact me if you are interested!


  • 10 Years of Teaching Experience
  • 10 Years of Conducting Presentations and Workshops
  • Masters in Education and Administration
  • Founding Teacher of The School at Columbia University

3 Responses to About

  1. teresa says:

    Any suggestions for apps that let learners create timelines in small groups and then merge their data?

  2. kate says:

    I don’t know about any apps for that Teresa, but Google Spreadsheets is where I would start. Create a spreadsheet and then share it with all of the students. This allows multiple editors and it automatically keeps all of the data on one spreadsheet. Does this sound like it would work?

  3. Erica says:

    Great website. Very helpful.

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